Do fictional battles hold up under modern military scrutiny? Dr. Timothy Furnish has almost three decades of education and experience in history, religion, culture, politics, and geopolitics. Given his experience and interests, it was a natural progression to examine the military strategies of Middle-earth. In his search for books on the subject, he found none […]

Sketchbook: Space Adventures

Here is an example of the sketch (above) and finished product (below) of “Out for a walk” an illustration for an upcoming science fiction project. We are still in the early, conceptual stages of the project, but I am already liking where this is going.  

Projects in The Works

So many things are in the works here at Aaron Siddall Illustration that I hardly know where to start. My buddy Joe Clifford Faust and I have decided on a collaboration. Dont want to get into too much detail at this point, but suffice it to say that it will be a Young Adult, Science Fiction story loaded with […]

House On Troll Hill

Good news! Donita K. Paul and Aaron Siddall (me) have published a book! House on Troll Hill is an excellent reading aid as well as a fun story for the young and young at heart. Here is the official press release: *** HOUSE ON TROLL HILL English Available at  Amazon book sales A reasonably […]

Tales From The Sketchbook!

Well, here we are. The old website was looking a bit long in the tooth, so I decided to do re-build. We are still upgrading around here so please be patient. Lots of new art and some excellent news on the way, so stay tuned!

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