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My Facebook Page: Come on by and say hello! There is always room for more.

My LinkedIn Page: You will find my basic information and my work history.

My Deviantart Page : Ive been posting work on DeviantArt for years. So come on by and look around.

My Blog  (the other blog): This is where I exorcise my geeky urges. Here you will find my gaming rambles, hints at RPG campaigns and similar goofyness.

Friends (in no particular order)

Wilkinson Studios, Inc: Christine Wilkinson is my freelance agent, representing my to a number of large educational publication companies including Harcourt, Pearson/Scott Foresmen, and Scholastic.

Donita K Paul: Donita is an award winning author of fantasy and romance novels, and good friend of mine. Her DragonKeeper books are particularly well known, and a fun and exciting read for the young and young at-heart. Go check them out!

Joe Clifford Faust: Joe and I have been friends for years. His sci-fi and action-thriller books are outstanding, and he himself is a living font of laughter and good-natured ribbing. If you enjoy cold-war flavored espionage and/or science fiction, check out his books!

Christina Wald: When I first met Christina, I was impressed. Smart, talented and beautiful. Since that day she has only impressed me further with her deepening skills as an illustrator and in her impenetrably good humor and kind heart.

Bruce Coville: Bruce Coville is an author of children’s adventure books and also a really neat guy! His books appeal to boys and girls, and are full of humor, magic and excitement. Go check them out!

Jane Yolen: Jane is a writer par exsalonce, with a particular emphasis on folklore and fantasy-themed stories. She has written sci-fi, fantasy, folklore and children’s picture books.

Rodney Matthews: Rodney is difficult to sum up. His wonderful paintings have been featured on album covers for some of the best bands of the late 70’s and early 80’s. The BBC children’s series The Lavender Castle is based on his paintings, and is absolutely delightful. And I am very happy to also call him my friend.

Tamora Pierce: Tamora is an author of many fine fantasy novels, all of which are vividly detailed and well thought out. Fans of tabletop RPGs should find her books an excellent resource and inspiration for creating a living, breathing world.

Jordan Mierek: Jordan Mierek is a vibrant young writer who is just beginning her rise. Expect great things from this lady.

Michelle Gengaro: Michelle is a friend from way-back, and someone whose work I greatly admire. She is an illustrator of Children’s picture books.

Jeanie Wogaman: Jeanie is a talented and dynamic lady. Her illustrations are so full of cuteness and whimsy that they bring me back to simpler times, and wish for a hot cup of cocoa on a winters evening.

Favorites (Geekery)

Goblinoid Games: During the dark days of the 4th Edition of Dungeons and Dragons, Goblinoid Games kept the light of grim geekery lit with the Labyrinth Lord RPG. They also put out an excellent old-school game called Mutant Future that is inspired by Gamma World and other post-apocalyptic RPGs.

Brave Halfling Publishing: This small publisher of gaming goodness has in just a few years managed to put out some of the most interesting tabletop rpg’s that I have seen in ages.

Kenzer & Company: This company was the first to give me a chance way-back-when.

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