I was born in a small and somewhat sleepy town in upstate New York. From childhood, I spent a lot of time dreaming, and coming up with worlds in which to wander. I devoured myth and folklore and eventually found my way to novels by such greats as J.R.R. Tolkien, Marian Zimmer Bradley, Terry Pratchett and many others. I love stories, especially old stories, or at-least those stories that have an old-ish or classical quality to them.

I was continually frustrated that there weren’t any toys or visual media that properly reflected the wonderful things that were in my head, so I started drawing my own. Lego kits and Star Wars toys would never satisfy, so I would sometimes mix-and-match costumes (and sometimes limbs and heads) between my action figures to create my own, sometimes even making primitive attempts with cloth and such.

I could easily refer to myself as a self-trained artist, but such a ready-made description hardly covers it. In-truth I have been taught by so many people and things that to list them would be a bit silly. Schooling is one thing while learning and doing are quite another.

So, what it boils down to is that I adore fantastic tales and adventures, and I want to share this love. Creating artwork to deepen and enhance the effects of a good story and to help light that fire of wonder in young hearts are things that are very important to me.

I’m also a self-proclaimed RPG dork. This hobby is so very full of sheer inventiveness, particularly on the part of the individual players. Not only do I enjoy gaming, but I also love hearing about player characters and drawing character portraits.

I now lurk in the wilds of Upstate New York with my beloved wife Kathleen, Nala the cat and many, many books.

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