Monthly Archives: March 2016

Do fictional battles hold up under modern military scrutiny? Dr. Timothy Furnish has almost three decades of education and experience in history, religion, culture, politics, and geopolitics. Given his experience and interests, it was a natural progression to examine the military strategies of Middle-earth. In his search for books on the subject, he found none that satisfied the questions burning in his mind. Obviously, he would have to write the book he wanted to read.

The book includes full-color illustrations by artist Anke Eissman, which bring the scenarios vividly to life. Additionally, the expert mapping skills of Aaron Siddall (me!) make it easy to follow strategies, battles and landscapes. Furnish examines the battles and artillery from the perspective of the cultures and politics of the different groups involved: elves, dwarves, men, and orcs. His enthusiasm and expertise is woven throughout the text.

High Towers and Strong Places: A Political History of Middle-earth by Tim Furnish should be a welcome addition to the libraries of anyone who is interested in military strategy, as well as gamers and Middle-earth fans.

This quality publication may be purchased HERE.