Tales of the Stellar Deep is a Weird Science fiction setting for the Grit & Vigor RPG system by John Stater. It melds pulp science fiction with supernatural, mythical, and scientific tropes. Tales of The Stellar Deep feature exotic worlds, buxom space babes, two-fisted heroes and, most importantly, the gee-whiz gadgetry that defines such settings. It is a place of bold adventures and great danger, often pitting heroes against utterly alien entities and dangerous environments. Stellar Deep characters live in a universe of wonder and excitement, with challenges and opportunities everywhere. It takes a bold sort of person to challenge such a world. Characters in the Stellar Deep are space pilots, scoundrels, explorers, asteroid miners, mad scientists and psychics.

The setting of the Stellar Deep is inspired by comics such as Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers, and the Cosmic Horror stories of the Cthulhu Mythos, and sci-fi movies and television shows from the 1950s and ‘60s such as Forbidden Planet, Outer Limits, Twilight Zone, and Captain Video. The focus is on fun, horror and excitement rather than scientific accuracy. Crazy retro gadgets, weird creatures, sexy alien princesses (or princes), and tentacled aliens are all par for the course. So rather than focus on the how’s and why’s of space travel, Tales of The Stellar Deep will focus on the adventures, monsters and drama of the setting.

Space travel, ray guns and mankind spread across the stars is common knowledge and considered “normal” as far as Joe Average is concerned. But so is the existence of mind-shattering alien horrors, Deep Ones, Snake-People and all manner of weirdness. But most people try very hard to get on with their lives despite this.



The setting will be fully detailed, though allowing for Gamemasters to create their own stories in the weird and wondrous Universe of the Stellar Deep. To help in the art of storytelling, I have commissioned the wondrous talents of Diane Morrison, author of Showdown and the Toy Soldier Saga to name a few. Diane is writing the first of several novellas set in the Stellar Deep Universe as well as the flavor text of the game book itself.

So, stay tuned for further developments!