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Projects in The Works

So many things are in the works here at Aaron Siddall Illustration that I hardly know where to start.

Reptoid, Thuban, Reptilian Aliens

Design sketch of denizens of Alpha Centauri

My buddy Joe Clifford Faust and I have decided on a collaboration. Dont want to get into too much detail at this point, but suffice it to say that it will be a Young Adult, Science Fiction story loaded with cool artwork produced by yours truly.

To the left are some of the concept sketches for some of the aliens. These grisly fellows are all denizens of the Alpha Draconis (aka Thuban) system. They are an ancient species with many subraces. As well as looking cool this also means that they are deeply set in their ways, and find concepts such as bettering yourself, warm-bloodedness and free trade as offensive in the extreme.

So expect lots and LOTS of updates, hints and teasers as this project progresses. While Joe is slaving away in his writers dungeon< I will be doing the same in my artists lair. So stay tuned!

And with that, I leave you a spaceship. VROOOOOM!

House On Troll Hill

Good news! Donita K. Paul and Aaron Siddall (me) have published a book! House on Troll Hill is an excellent reading aid as well as a fun story for the young and young at heart.

Here is the official press release:



Available at  Amazon book sales

A reasonably priced, much-needed addition to books for beginning readers.  House on Troll Hill presents just the right content to seize a reluctant reader’s attention and motivate him to push forward.

When a young reader chooses a book, he picks up something that won’t make him look silly among his classmates. Puppies and kitties, turtles and fish, drawn with an eye for cutesy and color, give off the aura of “baby books.” It’s no fun to struggle through reading while your friends snicker. An appealing book does not advertise its low level.

House on Troll Hill looks sophisticated. As it engages the child with a fun tale and intriguing pictures, it also provides reading practice. Complex sentences challenge the reader. Quick, snappy sentences reward his persistence and offer incentive to “read on.”

The combination of story by bestselling fantasy author, Donita K.Paul, and illustrations by master of line art, Aaron Siddall, gives parents and teachers a book to put in the hands of reluctant readers.


So come on by and get a copy! THis book is a perfect gift for kids and other reluctant readers.